How to Host a Successful Event

After hosting a handful of our own events, we discovered the recipe to hosting an amazing event. Review the list and consider how it plays into events you host or attend.

  1. Size matters. While many dream of having massive turnouts, I'd argue that both large and small turnouts have their share of pros and cons. Smaller groups (6-15 people) allow for greater intimacy and bonding - you really get to know everyone, while larger groups (15-30 people) only allow you to mingle with a few at a surface level. Once there are 50+ people, the whole vibe changes. Small groups allow the host to be the focal point of the event.
  2. Be personal. Include personal touches like a name tag, greeting them personally, and having goodie bags for your attendees. Be sure to thank your guests for attending and be genuine about your gratitude.
  3. Be original. In order to be memorable, you should add a signature touch to your event. For example, in our Dish Crawl Co events, I like to focus on hospitality - we really want everyone to have a good time, so we will make sure that everyone feels welcomed and well-fed. This may also include providing your own branded merch or getting everyone hyped about your brand on social media.
  4. Design. Consider how the room is designed to welcome your guests. Is there a great sense of space? Are you equipped to be the focal point of the room? Are the tables shaped in a horseshoe shape or is it like a classroom? Think about how you can cluster the groups in either a standing or sitting orientation. For my workshops, I personally enjoy making myself the focal point and having a great sense of space. I have one area for standing to take photos and one area for sitting to eat.
  5. Venue. The venue can make a break your whole event. Be cognizant of the type of venue you are hosting your event at.
  6. Negotiate before hand with the venue. Agree on an arrangement before hand whether this is of seats, as well as food and beverages. You can even write up a contract if it involves a large sum of money. It is crucial that you agree beforehand, otherwise you might be stressed on the day of the event.

Many events are great, but they are not memorable. I believe that in order to make the best events, you have to do something memorable. You have to be original and have your own personal touch in interacting with guests. If you having a great time, chances are, they are having a great time too. In order to go above and beyond in the realm of events, you really have to make sure that the logistics are right, the venue is on point, and make sure that your food and hospitality are nothing less than stellar. This is easier said than done, but keep in mind that it takes practice to create an event that is memorable.