REVIEW: Chambers, San Francisco, CA

Chambers | San Francisco, CA

Crab meat arancini.


Chocolate pate.

Chambers is a classy, romantic restaurant located at the heart downtown San Francisco. Located in some of the sketchiest areas of San Francisco, Chambers is situated next to a hotel. Chambers' interior is gorgeous - even sexy. The ambiance is ultra swanky with rock and roll vibes and modern lit bookcases. The vintage vinyl records and couches created a loungey vibe that I enjoy and belongs in SF.

The menu is extensive. We let our server decide what we were eating for the night. My friend and I shared a nice 3 course meal which included a variety of dishes including crab meat arancini, octopus, steak, fish, and desserts. As someone who takes pride in eating a lot, it was more than enough.

Hearing many great things about the brunch, I've got to return from brunch.

Yes, this place is ultra trendy and it is a gentrifying area. With the openings of many top SF restaurants here, I'd deem that Chambers is a largely underhyped restaurants that deserves recognition. The outside is unassuming and most would pass over this place, as it is not easy to find.

Chambers is a chamber of secrets.