Barzotto, an authentic classy-casual Italian experience in San Francisco

Barzotto is the restaurant of the year in San Francisco. Let me explain why:

  1. Fine-casual: It's affordable and the quality is top-notch. I feel like I'm dining at a high class Italian restaurant without breaking the bank.
  2. The menu curation is on point. I had trouble deciding what to order because everything looked great. I decided to get 2 pasta dishes the first time I was here. It didn't even break the bank.
  3. The ambience is perfect. It's casual and chill. Barzotto has counter top seating for those who want to be left alone as well as communal seating for those who want to meet new people.
  4. Handmade pastas to-go. If you're a pro at making good sauce, you can grab some of their pastas to-go. I'd argue that these are the best pastas I've had in SF. The texture is al dente, the shape is perfect, and now I'm addicted.
  5. The pastas are amazing and so it everything else on the menu.

Dishes recommended: pappardelle, carbonara, lumache, cavatelli.

1270 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110