Exclusive Food & beverage + influence agency with one mission:

To position restaurants as leaders in their niche by sharing their stories in a way that resonates with the hungry people of the world.

Our Vision and Ethos

We have mastered the art of reaching customers through new media more efficiently and more innovatively than anyone else. We believe in only authenticity, no bullshit.

Dish Crawl Co has helped major restaurant groups, hospitality groups, and concept-driven restaurants within the fast-casual and high-end space significantly boost their brands' overall sales. With a focus on brands that thrive on the spirit of authencity and accessibility, Dish Crawl Co operates with the goal of getting our clients in the local and national press.

In a saturated market like San Francisco, restaurants need more than just great food in a nice room — they benefit from a cohesive look to tie the web presence together with the physical space.
— Eater SF
I did not believe in the idea that a restaurant, by its very nature, had to be soulless in order to have long-term financial sustainability.
— David White, Owner and Manager at Flour + Water SF

Our Clients