Influencer Marketing

Want to crush it in the number of covers this month?

We're excited to run our influencer marketing campaigns for our clients. All of our campaigns run for 90 days. In that amount of time, we expect serious results. Any ethical agency knows that you cannot guarantee results, but if you aren't satisfied with your results, we have a 90 day money back (only for those who tried their best). Let us invite our network, and you can focus on what you're best at - food and hospitality.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone with a large following on social media. They are the journalists of the new age and can help you promote your restaurant to the masses.

Our influencers are ranked by their value that they have provided in the past. They are not ranked by their follower count, rather, their contributions and the amount of ROI and work they have provided. We've invited many top tier influencers, as well as top tier food publications, including Eater SF, Foodbeast, SFChronicle, and Thrillist.

Do we invite anyone else other than influencers?

Of course! A main bulk of our program involves food writers and those who copywrite for major food publications and public relations firms.

What should I expect as a restauranteur?

Serious results and lots of people dining at your restaurant. We bring in our entire Dish Crawl network. Before each meal, we notify our guests of what to expect. If they are an influencer, they are expected a certain number of posts on their media. If they are a food writer, we'd expect a write-up from them after the meal.

We act as your publicist and run for way less than a huge public relations and communications firm demands (usually $5K+ per month). Most programs invite in influencers in a spray-and-pay manner. Our influencer program will involve specific messaging that resonates with your target consumer. You will be getting a TON of value out of this, as we provide you with all of the write-ups from after the meal, which will be circulated around the influencer community, as well as the consumers, which we can target using ads, if you choose.

Our program is very focused on bringing in the people to point you towards your target audience.

What do we need to do?

All we expect is for you to coordinate with us via email. Listen closely.

You will provide the cooking and we will provide you with our network. Our network will dine at your restaurant and receive complimentary dishes in exchange for a write-up. At the end of the meal, they are expected to provide gratuity.

Before each meal, we send you a notification in advance (usually 2 days is the minimum notice) that our food writer is arriving. We invite them in during off nights, which is something that we can discuss beforehand.

After the meal, we send them a thank you for coming to the meal and wait to hear back. Once we've received their write-up, we share it with you to send to all of your loyal supporters to strengthen community, as well as your social media pages.

What have we done in the past?

We've invited in top tier influencers, including some of the following: