Restaurant Consultation

Services we offer

Business Plan: We work with you to implement an innovative concept that is delightful to the masses. We investigate your financials and forecasting to help you come up with a plan that actually works.

Marketing Strategy: It's easy to get lost in all of the email marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing, so let us take care of all that for you. We have a separate newsletter for eaters and for restaurants.

PR & Community Engagement: We help you tell your story and gain monumental traction by leveraging our key relationships within the industry. Our family is your family. We focus on innovative concepts and events to bring in the masses to your restaurant. Think: Media tasting events, food photography workshops, and dish crawl events.

Social Media & Brand Management: We create creative content with food photoshoots and captivating editorial. Since people feast with their eyes, we manage your social media for you to curate the best content.

Food photoshoots: Food photoshoots are executed by Jeremy Chung Photography.


What's it worth?

We typically charge by retainer or by project basis. For retainer, monthly rates start at $450, depending on a restaurant's goals and needs. For projects, our rates are negotiable. At whatever rate, we would be readily available for consultation.

We work to identify your goals. Then, our team develops a strategy that can be implemented.  For example:

Goal: You need to fill empty seats. You need to boost your customer base during Monday through Thursday nights. 14 of 56 seats are filled during peak hour on average.
Strategy: Your focus should be on acquiring more customers, as well as retaining those few customers. We calculate your breakeven point and determine that a low-cost solution would be to use word-of-mouth via social media and influencer marketing. We design a personalized media list and call up those contacts.

Our hope is to ensure that these goals are innovative, as well as realistic.

Due to the nature of the restaurant business, we highly recommend working on a retainer since all efforts would be towards the long term goal. Under retainer, Dish Crawl Co would be a part of your team, handling all of the back-end from writing press copy, designing and printing media materials, performing phone calls, chatting with influencers and journalists to food photoshoots and event planning.

Essentially, how you tell your story illustrates the value you bring as a restaurant. We believe that word of mouth is the strongest element to the success of your restaurant. All of these elements take time to build out and we would be in charge of that part for you.