Influencer Marketing


The premise

We invite influencers (journalists, press, bloggers) to dine at your restaurant with set guidelines. After the meal, if they enjoyed it, they are encouraged to post about the meal on their platform of choice. We have their meal covered and they are encouraged to leave gratuity.



We carefully vet all of our influencers in our program. We formed relationships with all of them and properly inform them of the expectations, as well as educate them on the message articulation required in each post. You are in good hands here, as we target our influencers for each campaign to include ones that are most relevant to your brand identity.

These invitations include those from Eater, top Instagram Influencers, Zagat, Infatuation, Thrillist, Time Out, 7x7, San Francisco Magazine, and many more.


Tiers of Influencers

Tier 1

These influencers include the ones who will make a significant, positive impact on your business and drive business by the hoards. As such, you must focus on crafting an interesting story and develop a full-fledged digital media kit. 

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Tier 2

These influencers include those who have large followings on social media, namely Instagram. Some produce blogs and videos. We focus on brand matching and sharing your unique story with them to share with the rest of the world.

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Economics and ROI

When signing-up for a service, restauranteurs are most curious about the economics of the project, in order to achieve the highest ROI. At Dish Crawl Co, our focus is on providing as much measurable value as we can, in a way that no one else can. Our media tasting campaigns all have key metrics that can be broken down into easy-to-understand numbers.

To break it down, each tasting campaign usually has about 15 influencers. We invite 75 influencers per city on average - specifically in SF, for example, given that we receive an average of 20% positive response rate for inviting influencers in, we would be taking in 15. These 15 influencers come dine at your restaurant with the expectation that they will share a post or two on Instagram and other media such as their blog or videography via Youtube. On average, for each post on Instagram, there is an impression rate of 3,500, reach of 3,000, and engagement of 1,000.

We run promotions and giveaways to support two goals: 1) create additional viral buzz to announce your new tasting menu or grand opening, 2) provide measurable metrics for restauranteurs to comprehend the ROI.

On an average campaign, given that it costs on average $2,400 starting for a 3-month campaign, you can expect an ROI of 400%. In order to quantify conversions, we run promotions where influencers provide a code word on their Instagram handle for their followers to use. Given that roughly 2% of the reach amount converts to actual customers within 2 weeks, we can see that roughly 60 customers are generated per influencer. In a campaign of 15 influencers, 960 customers are generated. At a fast-casual restaurant where the average ticket price is $10, this would be revenue generation of $9,600, thus generating an ROI of 400%.

Influencers have varying levels of reach and brand advocacy - we experiment and target both. Brand advocacy, which alludes to the level of trust the public has in the influencer.


Who is this for

Are you planning a grand opening party or launching a new seasonal menu? Are you a new restauranteur? All of the branding and PR activities that a restaurant must do takes a lot of time, and we're here to take that work off your hands.


Media Placements

Our goal is to place you in front of the eyes of millions. We do that through connecting you with the hottest media such as Buzzfeed Video, FoodBeast, Food 52, Eater, Thrillist, TimeOut, Zagat, and many other prominent media.

If you have media placements already, you have a significantly high chance of placing with the rest of the media. We leverage the local influencers to create enough traction for you to get to the next level. Many of our clients have placed with all of the top food blogs and press.



What are impressions? Impressions refer to the number of times a post is viewed.

What is reach? Reach refers to the number of unique visitors a post has had.

What is engagement? Engagement refers to the number of times a post is liked, commented, and saved.

Dish Crawl Co’s media tasting campaigns were tremendously helpful in connecting us with influencers who brought us media placements in Eater, Zagat, SF Weekly, and San Francisco Magazine. In addition, they helped us successfully launch our new locations in SF and Sunnyvale.
— Zaid Ayoub, CEO of SAJJ