Prebuilt Instagram Page - 20,000 Followers

Prebuilt Instagram page (6).png
Prebuilt Instagram page (6).png

Prebuilt Instagram Page - 20,000 Followers

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This starter kit is all you need to get going on your journey to become a social media influencer with thel niche of your choice.

For a one time fee of $199, you’ll get:

  • PREBUILT INSTAGRAM STORE: Take full ownership of an Instagram page. Grown with love from scratch, organically.


  • 6 MONTHS STEP BY STEP MENTORSHIP: Ask as many questions as you want and get in-depth responses each time.

  • EXIT PLANNING GUIDANCE: Get expert guidance with regards to increasing the value of this prebuilt business in order to maximize the price you can resell it for, in the future. We consider the big picture, develop a realistic roadmap, and coach you to the perfect exit.

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At Dish Crawl, we don't believe in get-rich-quick products. We believe in adding value, hard work, and serving others. As stated by law, we can't and don't make any guarantees about your own ability to get results of any kind with our ideas, products, or strategies.

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